We evaluate and recommend patients to the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program who have or suffer from the approved state medical conditions and have either responded poorly or not at all to reasonable conventional medical approaches by bringing in a medical record with X-ray report or a doctor’s evaluation/recommendation to the program for such conditions.

We address the unresolved symptoms through:

  • Evaluation of: patients who qualify for the NJ Medical Marijuana Program (NJMMP) through history and physical assessment conducted by one of our physicians throughout our New Jersey locations.
  • Recommendation of: those patients who qualify, per the state’s regulations, to the NJMMP based upon a Dr/Patient bonafide relationship through consultation and physical assessment.
  • We Monitor: the patients positive results regarding the conditions for which they originally presented.
Steps in the Process

Step 1: Consult 1 Online

Fill out our form online to request your FREE CONSULTATION. The Doctor will review your online submission and respond via email notifying you if your reported condition qualifies. See the QUALIFYING CONDITIONS for more information.

Step 2: Consult 2 - Complete Patient Intake Forms & Schedule Evaluation

If their reported condition qualifies, the patient will need to complete and submit the required PATIENT INTAKE FORM. Your patient intake form is then reviewed by the doctor prior to your visit and will be discussed during your consultations and physical assessment . Staff will contact you to assist you with any questions appointments can be scheduled online.

Step 3: Consult 3: Attend Your Evaluation

Attend your scheduled office visit at one of the locations. During the visit you will be personally interviewed by one of the doctors, any and all issues will be discussed and questions answered.

The doctor will cover 5 main areas:

  1. What is the role of the medical cannabis Doctor in guiding you through the process while you are entering and in the program initially as well as monitoring you during the followup visits.
  2. What is the role of the dispensaries with regards to medical cannabis use and recommended strains with that particular patient.
  3. What role a patient’s treating physician plays in being aware that the patient is in the medical cannabis program, and what if any adjustments in any medications used to treat the symptoms of the approved medical conditions that medical cannabis is being used in order to avoid over medicating. This is done mostly by the patient themselves to their physicians or at times physician to physician if the patient wishes it or if they are unable to communicate with the doctors in question.
  4. What the patient’s role is in regards to follow-up revaluations and reporting any positive or negative effects
    and use and amounts of pharmaceutical medications the patient is taking while in the medicinal cannabis program.
  5. What the current state policies are and any changes that may have occurred during the time the patient has been in the program.

YOU MUST Be sure to bring ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS to complete your evaluation. We do not accept walk ins and all documentation must be with you at the time of your appointment.

During your Initial meeting your Medical History, Supporting medical records and/or referral will be reviewed and either your physical assessment completed or scheduled dependent upon location(physical assessments must be completed at our medical offices), your additional convenient appointments may be scheduled at that time. All patients must complete our comprehensive process of 4 visits, present proper proof of identy and NJ residency prior to receiving a NJMMP recommendation. We do not accept health insurance.
Please view our fees on our fees page.
The physicians at NJGreenmd are aware that patients who present themselves to the program are already being treated for Medical conditions that present symptoms that are a result or have not been resolved with their current forms of treatment. We are committed to not only helping the patient alleviate their symptoms through medical cannabis but with other forms of recommendation thru natural means such as diet, exercise and nutritional supplements.
We are committed to enhancing the patient/doctor relationship through our focus on the entire patient as well as their symptoms. We encourage a dialogue with patient’s physicians through the patient as well by direct communication.

Click here to view our Fees.


Step 4: Review - Further Consults - Help Registering with State

The patient’s paperwork will be reviewed by the doctor and follow up visits may be done in office or via telemedicine based upon the patient’s needs and understanding of the program. At that time staff will submit the patient’s paperwork to The State of New Jersey, if the patient wishes for our practice to do the paperwork for them (Patients can also submit their own paperwork for state registration if they wish to do so). The State will process your registration, this typically is completed within 30 business days. The state will inform you by email when you can purchase your NJ MMJ Card from the STATE for an additional fee.

All patients will have an established follow up appointment pre-scheduled 30 business days out for the contingency of following up with the state if necessary. This appointment is free and only necessary for patients who have not received email contact from the State to purchase their NJ MMJ card. Learn more about the State process on the NJ state program website.

Step 5: Welcome to the program! Receive your card & schedule your Dispensary appointment

You will receive your Medical Marijuana Program Card from the state by mail. Once you receive your card it is time to contact the DISPENSARY and schedule your appointment to fill your prescription. Welcome to the NJ Medical Marijuana Program!

You MUST be reevaluated within every 90 Day period to make purchases at the dispensary

In order to stay active in the State of New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program and be able to make purchases at the dispensary patients MUST be reevaluated by the doctor within every 90 day period.

According to NJ state regulation, if a patient is not reevaluated within a 90 day period the patient will still remain registered in the NJMMP but will not be allowed to make purchases at the dispensary, additionally patients non-compliant with follow up visits may be discharged from the practice at the doctors discretion and directed to the NJMMP list of providers to obtain another NJMMP physician

Patients who are inactive for over 6 months must reapply for the program.

Even though patients must be evaluated every 90 days we strongly encourage the patients to stay in contact with the office throughout their participation in the program whenever they feel the need. This can be done by office visit or by telemedicine, both at no cost to the patient.

We believe that constant communication between doctor and and patient is the key to a patient’s success in the program.

Note: If you are presently taking medications for Seizures, PTSD, Cancer, Blood thinners, or Pain Medications, you NEED to inform your treating physicians that you will be using medicinal cannabis because at times it can effect the blood levels of the present medications you are taking, especially if you decide to use medicinal cannabis in the edible form (i.e. forms of use, quantity, frequency, or combinations of medications may determine how cannabis effects you).

Our Purpose

NJGreenMD evaluates and recommends qualified patients to the NJMMP program as well as monitor and evaluate the effects of medical cannabis .

Any adjustments in dosage will be based upon a patient’s response to their present dose and strain. The dose a patient is using will be discussed between the patient and the doctor as any change in the combination of strains a patient purchases at the dispensary will be discussed between the patient and the dispensary when the patient goes to the dispensary to pick up their medical cannabis.

Any and all records which a patient presents to the practice and which we use as a part of the patient medical record are returned to the patient after we have scanned them into our system using HIPAA compliant cloud based technology. This enables the privacy as well as the accessibility of appointed staff members and the doctor to review the records as needed.

Important note for patients taking other medications

It is important that patients inform the doctor at the time of their initial visit and on every follow up visit of the other medications they are taking. This is especially important if the patient is taking medication for siezures, PTSD, pain, chemotherapy, or blood thinners as medical cannabis may interact with these types of medications. The patient must also be sure to inform their Physicians who are prescribing other medications that they are on the medical cannabis program so that they may monitor and possibly change the dose of their medication.



  • ACTIVE PATIENT 2 YEAR RENEWAL FEE $100 (This fee is to have our staff help with the patient’s renewal at the time of their visit. (This is a separate fee from your 90 day renewal visit)
  • INACTIVE PATIENT 2 YEAR RENEWAL FEE $150 (This is a separate fee from , your 90 day prescription/renewal)

NjGreenMD will assist patients in the submission of the renewal paperwork if requested by the patient. It is the patient’s responsibility to present the proper paperwork to our office in a complete and timely manner or we will not be able to assist with the patient’s registration or renewal.

Patients must bring updated medical records IF they have developed any NEW medical conditions regarding their 2 year license renewal.

Required Documentation

Proof Of Residency

Proof of New Jersey Residency: (P.O.Boxes are not accepted)

  • Utility bill issued in the past 90 days that shows your name at your current address. Utility bills accepted: Gas-Electric-Water-Sewer
  • -Or-

  • Cell Phone bill, Cable (Television/Internet/Phone) bill issued in the past 90 days that shows your name at your current address
  • -Or-

  • Any correspondence from IRS or NJ State tax office within the last year.
  • * Name and address must match proof of identity

Medical Diagnosis
  • MRI Report
  • -Or-

  • Operative Report
  • -Or-

  • Official Letter from the patient’s treating physician with a diagnosis on the physician’s letter head, with their License, Address, Phone Number, NPI Number,  or a prescription with diagnosis
  • -Or-

  • Doctor Recommendation
Government issued Identification
  • Drivers License – Must be current and match residency indicated on proof of address provided
  • -Or-

  • State ID or County ID-Must be current and match residency indicated on proof of address provided

Proof of Government Assistance-if applicable:

Patients and caregivers if qualified and approved for the below listed state and federal assistant programs are eligible to pay a discount fee of $20 for their MMP ID card. Each registration period is valid for 2 years.

  • NJ Medicaid Program
  • Food Stamps Benefit
  • NJ Temporary Disability Insurance Benefits
  • Social Security Income Benefits (SSI award letter)
  • Social Security Disability Benefits(SSD award letter)

Additional Documents Potentially Required

Patients currently prescribed psychotropic medications must obtain a letter from the prescribing physician stating they are aware that the patient is participating in the Medical Cannabis Program and are not concerned with any side effects/contradictions with prescribed medications, Medical Cannabis and the patients psychiatric condition.

Patients suffering from PTSD and on medication for it must bring in the prescription or a note from their treating MD that the MD is treating the patient, and does not have any issue with their being in the medical cannabis program.