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NJ Green MD is a physician based medical practice for medicinal cannabis. We evaluate the symptoms of patients who present with state approved medical conditions and recommend qualified patients to the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program (NJMMP). We provide medical oversight of effects and issues regarding medical cannabis with regularly scheduled follow up visits to ensure the patient is benefiting from the medical cannabis program.

We evaluate and recommend patients to the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program who have or suffer from the approved state medical conditions and have either responded poorly or not at all to reasonable conventional medical approaches by bringing in a medical record with X-ray report or a doctor’s evaluation/recommendation to the program for such conditions.

We address the unresolved symptoms through:

  • Evaluation of: patients who qualify for the NJ Medical Marijuana Program (NJMMP) through history and physical assessment conducted by one of our physicians throughout our New Jersey locations.
  • Recommendation of: those patients who qualify, per the state’s regulations, to the NJMMP based upon a Dr/Patient bonafide relationship through consultation and physical assessment.
  • We Monitor: the patients positive results regarding the conditions for which they originally presented.

Patients who present to NJGreenMD already have a diagnosis and/or are being treated by a non NJMMP participating physician. At the time of the visit the patient must bring the documentation from the physician or treating facility.
Patients who come to our practice MUST present the proper identification, proof of state residency and documentation of their medical condition ( Learn more about the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS you will need and see the state of New Jersey’s full list of QUALIFYING CONDITIONS here).

Maintaining HIPAA compliance is a top priority of our practice, along with helping our patients.

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  • Everyone is friendly and kind. Thank you all!

    Another happy patient
  • All around amazing and helpful people was a pleasure to get started in this program thank you all very much

    New Patient, very pleased
  • Well-trained staff professional and knowledgeable doctor was absolutely informative thank you everybody was very courteous

    Anonymous happy new patient
  • You were so kind. The dr is so pleasant and truly wants to help people! Thank you so much. Being diagnosed with MS devistated me but the dr made me feel better explaining how this will help my symptoms

    Happy New Patient
  • A pleasant experience. Doctor was very Informative. Staff was very nice.

    Another pleased new patient
  • The staff work with you and they are very courteous, also the doctor is on Location and answer all of my question.

    Another happy patient
  • Excellent experience with Dr. Anzalone & his team. No hassles and a very smooth registration process. Also, a very informative and enlightening discussion with the good Dr A!

    A Happy New Patient
  • The good news to me was your moving to online visits. That’s great for me, walking is a issue. I’m hoping that will be in place by the time of my next visit.

    Happy about the new Video Visits!
  • the doctor is super! What a great relaxed atmosphere! I can tell the Dr. is truly interested about helping all people find a way to better health. He is easy to talk with and makes you feel important. It was a terrific first experience for me!!!

    A happy new patient
  • Great services girls are fast & know thei stuff. Dr. Anazalone is easy smart guy to chat with!!!

    A happy patient
  • Great services girls are fast & know thei stuff. Dr. Anazole is easy smart guy to chat with!!!

    An impressed patient
  • Great and friendly staff and Dr.

    Anonymous New Patient
  • Thank you Doctor you are the best I feel better since I met you my pain you understand and I thank you for helping me and the girls are sweethearts thank you all Happy Holidays to you all

    Another thankful patient
  • Anzalone is great. He makes you feel at ease and comfortable. Was a very easy person to talk to. Great experience to meet somebody that cares so much.

    A Happy New Patient
  • Great experience treated with respect and professionalism I would recommend doctor Anzalone’s office for medical marijuana to anyone that inquired they are the best! K.A.

    Another happy patient
  • Thank you, Dr. Anzalone, for having the courage to assist me in managing my debilitating pain by offering natural alternative medicine in a safe and professional environment instead of addictive pain pills.

    A Thankful Patient
  • Well organized, kind caring workforce. Very helpful with any assistance needed. Dr. Azalone shows a true interest in his patients and wants to know if you have questions or concerns.

    A Pleased Patient
  • I was very pleased with everyone but most of all Dr Anthony Anzalone he makes time to talk to his patients and I felt relaxed and I’m usually not this way in a Doctors office.

    Anonymous happy patient
  • Very helpful, considerate friendly. Goes out of the way to assist us patients. Thank you so much!

    A loyal patient
  • Great folks. Super helpful. Dr. Anzalone understands his patients!

    Another returning patient
  • Doctors attention. Was great. Excellent care and explanations. Helpful and caring people!

    Anonymous New Patient
  • Dr. Anzalone was extremely knowledgeable, understanding, and compassionate. Staff were so very helpful and understanding.

    Another Impressed Patient
  • Excellent service. Much thanks!

    Another Happy New Patient
  • I’m very grateful to have found a physician who really truly cares about his patients.

    Anonymous Happy Patient
  • Everything has always been great and the improvements made over time ate making it easier for all of us thank you and please keep up the great work

    Anonymous Loyal Patient
  • The girls that help me out are #1.

    Anonymous Existing Patient
  • All was fine and especially that the doctor took time to speak to me about my situation. Glad to have met the doctor and staff was very polite and kind.

    Anonymous new patient 6/15/2017
  • I was very pleased with the staff and my discussion with the doctor was very informative.
    Thank you very much.

    Anonymous new patient 6/15/2017
  • Everyone was very friendly and helpful, service was quick, comfortable environment. Doctor was very nice, greeted everyone with a smile and hand shake took the time to speak with all of his patients.

    Anonymous new patient 6/14/2017
  • Very personalized care.

    Anonymous new patient 6/21/2017
  • Very caring and very understanding. A++!

    Anonymous new patient 6/21/2017
  • Doctor and staff, very professional and answer all my questions and concerns. I didn’t feel ashamed discussing my condition. Thank Dr. Anzalone, and staff.

    Anonymous new patient 6/24/2017
  • Everything was great!
    Wait time was zero.. Help with getting my card.. Excellent. Thank you!!
    5 Stars….

    Anonymous new patient 6/21/2017
  • I am so happy I found NJ Green MD, I am learning how to control my pain with my medicine thank you so much!

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renewal 6/28/2017
  • Everyone is super nice and accommodating!

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renewal 6/29/2017
  • As a patient, Dr. Anzalone had the upmost interest in my treatment. His staff was very helpful in in making my experience a pleasant one. Thanks to all of you.

    Anonymous new patient 6/29/2017
  • Couldn’t ask for a better first experience! Every one was compassionate and competent! Thanks so much Dr. Anzalone for doing what you do! Keep up the great work!!

    Anonymous new patient 7/12/17
  • Staff got me in and out in a jiffy and has had an answer for literally every question I’ve had about both entering the program and staying in the program. And trust me- I’ve had a lot. So glad I found these people. A wonderful practice all around.

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renew 7/12/17
  • Staff is great. Dr. Anzalone is a very caring person to his patients. Concerned with their well being.

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renew 7/12/17
  • This alternative treatment change my life!
    Thank you!

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renew 7/13/17
  • Dr Anzalone and his staff were incredibly accommodating and extremely helpful. Would like to thank them very much!

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renew 7/19/17
  • It’s convenient with the dispensary in Woodbridge. I don’t drive and it works great being able to complete all aspects of what is needed as a patient in the program within a couple of hours.

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renew 7-19-17
  • Wanted to just let you know Staff was very helpful and patient w me and my situation. And I’d just like to thank you and your associates for all your help. God bless

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renew 7/19/17
  • The medicine helped me stay calm enough to study and graduate from college.

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renew 6-29-17
  • Very nice people, explained everything you need to know and how the process works and very understanding of peoples various conditions. Im happy to have an alternative for pain management instead of having a doctor pushing prescription pills down my throat. So thank you Dr. Anzalone and your team.

    Anonymous new patient on 7-26-2017
  • Very quick 90 day renewal-the most well organized one yet.

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renew 7-26-17
  • I was treated friendly, any questions were answered, hardly waited 10 mins. Easy.

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renew 7/27/17
  • Very personable very informative very positive and understanding what is going on with us.

    Anonymous New Patient on 7-27-2017
  • NJ GreenMd is awesome!!

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renew 8/1/17
  • Dr. Anzalone is the best. He changed my life!

    Anonymous patient after 90 day renew 8/2/17

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